Prestige Gr​oup 

Your vision is important to us.


Prestige Group is  an Enterprise Software Solution Company , We offer holistic solutions and outsourcing services for high-tech companies, IT organizations and startups in various areas such as Software Engineering, QA & Testing, Professional Services  and more.

Our Employees highly educated, carefully selected, and meticulously trained core workforce is among the most stable and loyal in the industry.  In addition to engineering certification, all our employees receive additional tailor-made technological training by certified trainers Prestige Software Training Division and the leading IT.

What Makes Prestige Group Different ? 

Our Success Has been based on the following : 
  • ​Our ability to Do a proper needs assessments and analysis at the beginning of every project 
  • ​Our ability to understand a client's needs and to look at things from an end user's point of view rather than a pure programming point of view . This approach alows for easy to use interfaces in the applications we develop 
  • our ability to diliver on time , on budget m and to the client's expectations 
  • Excellent project management and open communication with our clients from beginning to end 

Clients Benefit From Us 

  • An experienced professional team with years of technical expertise 
  • A disciplined methodological approach that ensure timely , efficient , cost- effective delivery 
  • Local presence to provide direct and prompt management and response